I asked him how he was feeling about our denial dynamic.

Him “I love it. You are on fire. it doesn’t even feel like denial anymore. It feels like a gift I am giving you.”

Then he asked, “Do you still even want to orgasm? Do you even think about it anymore?”

Me: “Yes. Yes I do still want to orgasm. Isn’t that good? I mean part of the pleasure of denial is wanting it so much and not getting it. When we fuck, when I edge, I am riding an edge of pleasure filled desire and denial. Often I shake and almost cry right after we stop – the desire so great in me it consumes me n that moment.”

Him: “Yes it’s good. I just thought you might have lost your interest in it. You still might.”

Me: “Well I find I worry about losing the desire I feel. I am concerned that if I cum I will crash. That the one crest will cost me more than it gives me.”

Then I asked him if he knew when I had cum last and he didn’t! He has no idea how long it had been. I told him. We talked about it. (It has been 27 days since I had any orgasm and 42 days since I came on his cock. He was surprised but not impressed that it had been so long).

“I’ve stopped thinking about it,” he said. “I like you hot, bothered, focused on me, and on my pleasure.”

Me: “I still feel a great deal of pleasure when we have sex, when I edge alone.”

Him: “Well of course – but that isn’t the point or our focus.”

Me: “Yes you are right… . And I like it that way. I like that you cum and I don’t.”

Him: “Me too. Now come here and fuck me the way I like best – then I am going to cum in your mouth.”

Me – While I am riding him, gasping – “Maybe when you are back from your trip (in 9 days) you can tell me to cum on your cock.” as I said that my pussy clenched and squeezed his cock, his velvet hardness sending sparks of pleasure all over my body. “Maybe then you can let me cum.”

Him “Suck my cock now, I want you to drink my cum.” 

I got no other reply.

Amazing stuff, thank you for sharing.

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