SO I decided to join @female-orgasm-denial‘s denial advent challenge, and oh boi this will be a fun three weeks. I’ve never done denial before for longer than two days (at least not with edging) and are sort of terrified for what I will find out. I missed days 1&2, but decided not to overwhelm myself and just start on day three. SO here were the events of today. 

1. First edge, hard, in bed on my back, fingers rubbing and reading these blogs

2. Soft, in the bathroom between chores, standing, images in my head as I rub

3. Soft again, in my room standing, knowing my mom could walk in at an time

4. In my building’s hallway (no cameras), sitting on the steps, so hard I was throbbing, jumping at every ding of the elevator

5. In bed, on my back, once again on tumblr, so close to a ruin

6. In the bathroom, on hands and knees, a toothbrush-turned vibe on my clit, hard edge.

7. On hands in knees in bed, penetration only, so I know I won’t cum

Well, that was only seven but for my first try I’m going to be proud. I’m excited for tomorrow’s task!

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