One of the more remarkable developments in recent years at the Academy has been the use of technology to help support the training and development of the girls in its care.

Due to the privileged positions of power its graduates often gain the Denial Academy has access to the cutting edge of technological research and development. The most significant of these has been the use of biometric monitoring and feedback through RFID implants in each of the students.


As well as helping staff keep track of students, the implants have been specifically designed for the academy to monitor their pulse, hormone levels and blood pressure. These factors combined are able to assess with 98% accuracy if a girl has edged, orgasmed or ruined that orgasm.

While strict rules about not cumming without permission have been in place at the academy since its foundation, it is only in the last four years that secret cheating has been entirely eradicated via the implants.

Graduates do have the chance to have the implant removed, however many are so enamoured with the denial regime that they choose to have the implants left in, and contractually bind themselves to ‘forfeit’ fees in the order of thousands of dollars every time they orgasm without permission of designated gatekeepers. Those contracts may only be nullified by marriage, civil partnership, bankruptcy or admittance to a national slave registry.

We can only guess at what the agreed ‘climax fees’ average at, but as an indicator the annual Alumni dinner, where every attendee is allowed an orgasm is usually fully booked six months in advance, surprising given the $5,000 dollar a plate charge.

The innovation continues at the Academy. A new secondary implant is being tested with girls who continue to orgasm without permission. This brand new technology allows for hormone induction and control and after a ten day learning cycle can actually inhibit the ability to climax completely in the user. While this kind of forced denial is undesirable as it is the development of self-control that is central the philosophy of the Academy, it does act as a powerful incentive and prevents unfair cheating by the less disciplined students.

The longer term effects are currently unknown, it is possible that the girls may be left completely unable to orgasm, but given it is currently a punishment measure this has been deemed an acceptable risk by their parents and the school.

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