Housesitting Denial: Monday’s first two edges.

I start this challenge not on Monday morning with an edge as soon as I wake up but on Monday evening after work. This means I am already behind. This also means I try twice as hard the remaining time I have. 

First Edge

So first, I created this blog while sitting on the couch in the living room. I created this blog and got so turned on with the reason for it that I got distracted – I feel like I will be distracted a lot this week – and as I got distracted I browsed through tumblr and found Nimja. I have always had a weakness for anything that messes with the mind (hypnosis included) so I very quickly got lost in it. 

Mind you I was already wet at this point. I was already wet from reading James’ reply and merely thinking about this and I just randomly clicked on this website and was thrown into this Interactive Script. It’s a blur, mostly, that first edge. I figured out later I laid on that couch for almost two hours, first doing a few Interactive Scripts but very quickly I made the change to the Audio files combined with the Hypnotic Visuals because reading became hard. 

I honestly don’t know how many files I played, I just know that I finally came across one that allowed me to edge and after almost two hours it was a very, very intense edge. No soft-edges here. I edged for a few minutes even, which was also a first, and although completely frustrated and confused, I felt pretty proud afterwards. It’s a weird balance between pride and shame this whole denial business. 

Edge one in the living room on the couch through clit play (this is almost a very fucked up form of Clue isn’t it?). I might not remember a lot of the details of it – with my mind being soft (I don’t think I ever completely go under, but who knows really) – but the feeling of want and need, of feeling so good and so frustrated and so so so horny stayed with me for a while. I was so wet by the end I fear my pussy will drown completely at the end of this.

Second Edge

I’m not going to complete five edges today; but to make up for it I’ll make the three edge I will do long ones. For this one I decided on the bathroom. I have a bath at my disposal here and I figured I should make good use of it.

I ran a soapy bath put some candles around it and then got back into the bedroom to undress slowly and walk naked towards the bathroom. I will spend most of tomorrow naked (hopefully) and I might as well get used to it. I imagined someone watching me, putting up a show, shaking my ass a bit more as I walked and then got into the tub. 

I overdid it a bit with the soap but it felt really, really good on my sensitive skin. The hot water and the bubbles against my wet pussy– Honestly even getting into the tub was enough to spike my arousal. 

Now I wanted to experiment a bit this time around after I found this post on James’ blog. I have never been into anal at all but I do want to broaden my horizon and James’ caption really turned me on. 

So I did as he said; I played with myself in the bath as I watched that video. If I am completely honest I was into it before the video stopped playing the first time. I wanted to trade places with her halfway through the third time. I started touching my asshole very quickly after that with a soapy finger slowly circling my hole. It was a very weird, intense sensation as I watched her get fucked so hard and touched my asshole properly for the first time. It really did not take long before I pressed the tip of my index finger in and it was not at all like I imagined it would be. It went in far easier and it felt so different from anything I’ve known before. 

Maybe it’s because of how turned on I was, maybe it’s because I wanted to like it at that point, but I didn’t hate it at all. I pushed my index finger in fully as I whispered ‘I want to be an anal slut’ (and in that moment I meant it) and I promptly forgot to rub my clit. I was so consumed by this fullness, by this alien feeling that I could do nothing but focus on that finger up my ass. Slowly, video still playing in the background, I moved my finger around a bit. In and out at first, slowly, then faster and then wriggling around a bit. I was surprised how tight it was but also by how I could feel how big it can stretch. Like it hurt a bit but it felt interesting and maybe good at the same time and I could feel and imagine how much it could stretch (should stretch?). 

I explored with my index finger and I managed to relax enough to put in my middle finger as well. I sat in the bath and put two soapy fingers up my ass. This is going to be one hell of a week. I fingered my ass for a bit, intrigued by it all until I couldn’t take it anymore. It was a lot to get used to and I don’t know if it is normal but I felt so fucking full that at some point a felt a bit nauseous (not really but I don’t know how else to describe it?) and I stopped.

I was, and still am, so very surprised and taken a-back by my first anal experience. It is something I feel l need to explore more. A lot more maybe. 

Afterwards I felt very strange, but still very aroused so I properly edged with the shower head on my clit. It didn’t take me long at all to get to the edge and I needed to stop quite quickly because I was sure I was going to go over (I didn’t though!!). 

Edge two in the bathroom with a shower head. I was shaking so much afterwards and I couldn’t tell it was from the edge or the anal or just how fucking horny I was but wow. The word intense might be used a lot this week. I still have one more edge planned for tonight, the one that will end I a ruin. Wish me luck. 


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