Housesitting Denial: An Introduction.

So, here I am, sitting in a house that’s not my own with a pussy that throbs just thinking about the week I’m heading into. I suppose I really am a strange creature. I wish knowing that didn’t turn me on as much as it does. 

Yesterday, when I arrived here, I was horny and started browsing through James’ blog. Somewhere between thinking about how being a proper denial slut would be so incredibly hot and debating whether or not I would give myself an orgasm I suddenly realized I was alone. Completely, utterly alone in a modest sized house that no-one would be able to enter randomly, where I could draw every curtain and do whatever depraved thing I wanted without anyone knowing. It was a brilliantly wicked thought and it caused for me to become wetter than I have been in a long time.

But – as I lay there reading about girls denying themselves and being denied and craving and wanting – I realized that doing secret sexy things behind drawn curtains without anyone knowing would not be as motivating or fun or you know– hot as someone knowing. So with that in mind (and because I am fairly new to proper denial and have a lot to learn still) I messaged James. And James answered. He gave me a much better, more detailed answer than I anticipated and now I am sitting here thinking about all the things I am going to do this week. 

It is ridiculous how horny and wet and eager I get from even imagining or re-reading James’ tasks. Which is usually where it ends for me, me imagining, me reading, me wanting. A fantasy. A dark, secret fantasy, I have acted upon very rarely and never this intensely. This time, though, I am acting on it. This time it isn’t a fantasy, it will be my reality. And I simultaneously cannot fucking wait and am absolutely terrified.

Now this is only an introduction post, just me putting down my thoughts and feelings going into this week, hoping it will be interesting for me to read afterwards and for anyone out there to catch up on what I’ll be doing. There are perhaps a few things I should address here:

  • Firstly I am going to follow all of James’ rules as best as I can but since I only saw his reply this evening after work and I have only done one edge so far I might not be able to do five edges this first day. Which is fine, I am one hundred percent aware that it is fine, but I do want to start this first day/evening as full-on as I can. So perhaps someone knows of an additional task or punishment I could do instead?
  • Secondly I haven’t decided how I’m going to write all this down. If I will do daily reports or reports after a few edges or just whenever I feel like writing about it. So while I figure out if I can do an intense five days of denial, I’ll be also figuring out how to do this whole blogging thing and that means things might be a little inconsistent at first. I’m sure I’ll find a personal style soon though!

With that in mind I am going to do my second edge of the day (evening really). Hopefully you will see another post from me tonight and otherwise I promise I will update after my morning edge tomorrow. 

Also if anyone is interested in giving me tips or doing this along with me or just wants to talk to me please feel free to message me on here!


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