Thank you to lusty-longing for this lovely submission! I’m blushing. If you haven’t checked out her blog, it’s incredible. The most beautiful, denial focused, images on the internet. 

I’m writing this to everyone who’s wondering what it might be like to denied by James, especially to those who are thinking about or want to enter his 1,000 followers competition, but aren’t quite sure. Whatever hesitations, reservations, concerns, worries or insecurities you might have surrounding the matter, put those aside and go for it. I can promise you, you will not regret it.

I’ve got first hand experience of handing my orgasms over to this delightful man. I assure you, he’ll take you on a wonderfully exciting journey, creating the most beautiful aching agony between your thighs along the way.

From his blog, it’s evident just how much James loves orgasm denial, but let me tell you a few things that you might not know:

  • First of all, a really big part of this for him is taking your fantasies and desires, getting to know your cravings, kinks and quirks and using those to give you the hottest experience possible. He’s very flexible, adaptable and beyond creative.
  • He’s smart, really smart. He’ll get inside your head in the best way. He’s extremely calm, patient and understanding. Sometimes I feel like I’m “Miss Complicated”, yet nothing I throw at him ever seems to phase him. Sometimes I think there’s nothing he can’t deal with.
  • Got masochistic tendencies? Need some sadism peppered in to your denial? James can absolutely deliver on that front. He’ll hurt you so good and you’ll love it, I promise!
  • His voice, dear god, ladies – it’s sexy! You’ll be creaming your panties before you know it. (That’s if he’s letting you wear any, of course).

Okay, I’m nearly done. One last note; James really is a genuinely nice guy, I feel extremely lucky to have him in my life. Don’t let that fool you though – to paraphrase him, he’s more than happy to be a cunt to your cunt!

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