Man I didn’t know how horny I would get once I chose not to come.Its like my body can’t comprehend not orgasming. I have been having some okay sleep so I woke up super early at like 2 in the morning. I then spend up til about 7 am looking at porn, Using the Wheel of denial and making a yarn wig (yeah I get weird on the weekend). At one point I practiced using @female-orgasm-denial ‘s lovely orgasm ruin walk thought. I didn’t try it out right after the practice I sort of got sleepy. 

So I like to listen to hypnosis files when I get sleepy at the wrong time of day This was at about 10am so I looked through some of my previously download files I decide on three that would help me on the JuNo challenege.







that last one is still kind of fucking with me. I feel fuzzy and confused, and super horny just like it is meant to make you.

It was just after waking up that I think I had my very first ruined orgasm. It was really close and I had to pull way. It was both the best and the worst, I’m not going to try to do it again, but I might do the practice again.

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