Day two;

Fuck fuck fuck, I wake up having edged myself in my sleep. A naughty dream and I awake right before the climax, turned on more than ever. I’m not sure if this counts as an edge, but I know if I touch myself I won’t have the willpower to stop myself.

Class goes by in a blur, my fellow classmates occasionally wonder what is wrong with me, why am I being so silent today? Am I sick? I can’t tell them the truth of course, so I smile and laugh, and clench my thighs together, internally begging for more friction. After all, how am I supposed to tell them I’ve been fantasizing about the instructor taking me to the front and fucking me in front of the entire class?

Class ends, and I’m soaking wet, I think people can tell, they’re looking at me oddly. Shamelessly, I flirt with the Officer of The Day, even while, in the back of my mind, I’m daydreaming about restraints and hard fucks.

I complete my second and third edges in rapid succession. Hoping maybe if I do them all at once, It won’t be as bad. I am so wrong. The ten minutes between and trying to sleep after simply makes me writhe in desperation on the bed sheets.

I put off writing this daily report because, well, I’m distracted, even as I write, I want someone to pull my hair, fuck me, and whisper in my ear; “Good girls don’t cum.”

-Red Brat

Glorious! Only 28 days to go, Red…

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