Day One of JuNO 2018 for me!

I technically started last night, and probably edged for waaaay too long before going to bed. But I woke up at my regular time this morning and just lay in bed for a minute. Without even realizing it, I began thinking of stuff. And a few minutes later (I hope it was a few minutes later) I realized I was humping. I guess it wasn’t really humping cus it wasn’t against anything, but I was just, like, jerking my hips into the air. And I hadn’t even noticed i was doing it! I was like “…..What?” And I slipped my hand down and felt, and I was completely wet! No touching, no tumblr; just laying in bed and thinking for a minute got me soaked. I heard someone say that when you do continuous denial, you’re able to get wet easier. If this is the first day, I don’t know how I’m gonna last this month. But I’m excited 😝💖

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