So first let me compare this so far to my no touch week a while back, since I’ve officially gone a day more than I ever have.

Mentally: I got constantly horny a lot faster with the no touch week, but it was more just straight up horny. With this there’s this fog over my brain that’s rooting itself deeper and deeper, making me hornier and hornier, and my head fuzzier and fuzzier. So I think this one will end up fucking me up a lot more mentally because I feel like it goes deeper.

Physically: This both does, and doesn’t take more self control. No touch was not touching at all. I got to hump a pillow once a day and if I really wanted to I could shove the handle of my brush up my ass, but that was it. Hygiene wise I was always careful when I wiped or shaved as to not stimulate myself. But with this I can touch, it’s just a matter of pulling away my hand. I’m just as wet as I was on no touch, maybe I’m getting wetter.

Emotionally: Being able to edge, I am sometimes granted ruined orgasms. Those fuck with my head. No touch I didn’t really feel anything about it except for the quicker high. I loved the quicker high.

So that’s the comparison for now, I’ll keep comparing every few days just to see for myself the difference since writing it makes more sense.

Now, day 8. What a lovely day. We’re officially over a week in. Isn’t it wonderful?

Earlier I mentioned how I bounced on the edge this morning. I did that for four more of my edges. It was amazing.

My public edge was in a bathroom at a restaurant. I’m typically good about keeping quiet, but I swear it’s getting harder.

So it was dinner, I was out with my family, I casually excuse myself.

But hold on, there’s more. I was in the bathroom and I was starting to get close, biting my lip, someone walks in.

“Katie, are you in here?”

It’s my mom. I had to stop edging to keep my voice level, all she needed was a tampon. But fuck.

So that’s the story of how I almost got edging by my mother.

That was about my fourth edge, then I came home and took care of another one, then another one not too long ago.

Also, in case you missed it, no more panties for me! And it feels great, just saying.

Anyways, lots of love~ Your favorite denial princess ❤?

LOL, I love it, good girl Katie!

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