Wow. Amazing range of emotions in the past 24 hours all from playing wholeheartedly in the #juNO30days challenge.  I’ve gone from aroused fervor which led to insomnia and then sleepy constant arousal from 7:30AM until now.  
Today it feels like I became more adept at the act of edging and riding the fine line between crazy arousal and orgasm.  

If I become a crazed, desperate, orgasm obsessed woman again tomorrow, or even later tonight, so be it.   For now, I am enjoying this tingling arousal and am rather in awe that I’ve not orgasmed for 7 days.  

One last share for this journal entry.  I’ve had a number of people send me private messages either encouraging me, teasing me on, or some other friendly form of conversation.  I’m LOVING the community feeling of these interactions and that total strangers are starting frank conversations yet no one yet has been ‘inappropriate’ or ‘creepy’.  How amazing is that?!  The #sex-positive conversation around #edging and #orgasm-denial is an unexpected private perk for me.

I’m sure I’ll come up with another crazy haiku sooner rather than later.  Perhaps only sleeping two hours last night has left my writing wit and poetic inspiration a bit dull.  But, fear not, as horny insomnia has done nothing to lessen the wetness of my cunt or the desire to turn innocent surfaces into momentary humping stations.  😉  

If you’re lucky…

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