#juno30days has me awake with a trembling, wet pussy.  I have shock tingles moving up and down my torso from arousal.  Sleep is a distant concept at this point.

I tried putting a pillow between my legs to dull the throbbing ache.  

I bet you can guess what happened.  My body apparently got the memo that today is hump day and proceeded to automatically ride the pillow like a horse.  My pussy is so wet from edging and unfulfilled orgasms that the pillow case is soaked from its assault.  Fortunately, the pillow cannot file charges against my crazed cunt for its rabid humping.    

Good girls don’t cum.  I’m becoming a very, very, very good girl.  

My other pillow is beginning to look extraordinarily handsome … 

I love these journals. Maybe I should put everyone on humping just for fun, you know, I think I will.
They can all blame you.

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