I slept stuffed last night. Naked and stuffed, with my Ben Wa Balls.

I talked to someone about toys yesterday and then thought about buying myself new ones, browsed a bit and then… was in the mood for my Ben Wa Balls.

It was difficult putting them in. I was extremely wet, but haven’t put too much into my pussy lately. Two fingers at best. The widest part of the first ball even hurt a bit.

During night, I didn’t really notice them. But during my night and my morning edge… well… Let’s just say that it’s much harder to stop before an orgasm if you’re filled with something. My pussy just squeezes involuntarily and yeah, if I draw back my hand the last second and my pussy gets to squeeze on something, it can cum. At my last edge of yesterday, I had to lie there perfectly still at one point and put all my concentration on my pussy not squeezing. It took all my will power and when I finally allowed it after two minutes or so, it still made my whole body shudder. But I didn’t cum.

Today, I worked from home (am usually at the office for at least like… four hours a day), so I allowed myself a slow morning. I edged with the balls in, then got myself ready for the day, before I layed back on my bed and pulled the balls out, edging again. I felt weirdly empty, afterwards.

And I can’t believe, how slow time passes. Still not even a week of denial!

Wonderful descriptions.
It’s that moment of waking and realising that you’re stuffed, and the rush of arousal that it brings, that’s my favourite!

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