I got my wish. Daddy gave me a task and told me I might get a ruined orgasm as a reward.

Even I think of it as a reward, but in a way, isn’t that fucked up? (Fucked up in a good way.)

So Daddy was having my edge while drooling on my tits. It’s so hot when he makes me drool on my tits. Anyways, that was the task and he had me edge in different ways as well, rubbing my clit slowly being one way.

So after a bit he asked me how the edging was coming along. I was close. And I begged him to let me ruin it. He let me.

Now, all those emotions I had last time? Triple them. Because at this point I need release more than day four. But when I cum it’s a ruin and when I ruin it’s a cum. So that was my release. That was what I craved, that’s even what I asked for. But the emotional drop was definitely more intense than last time. Not that I mind now.

The physical aspect? Even harder to pull away my hand. That good feeling that was building up felt so good and then boom. It’s gone. And I’m left lying there.

Oh but here’s really where I messed with myself. I pulled my hand away just for the ruin to wash through me and to let my body calm down enough to where I could edge again. No ruin. No cumming. Just edging. It didn’t take long, but that’s where I stopped.

I had to give myself a few minutes just to lay in bed and not do anything.

And now? I’m more desperate, that fog is more intense, and I love it

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