Message today from a friend who knows I’m doing the #juno30day challenge.

Friend: How is the edging going?
Me: Wet, wild, frustrating, torturous, wonderful.
Friend: Do you have any clients or work the next hour?
Me: Um … no … why? (I’m getting nervous.)
Friend: Will you accept an edging challenge to do now, this next hour?
Me: What is the challenge?
Friend: Will you accept the challenge?
Me: <Gulp> Okay. But remember you love me. You love me a lot. You think I’m awesome.  
Friend:  🙂  Yes, I love you a lot. You are awesome.  For the next hour, use headphones and listen to this (shared) audio file on repeat.  You may only remove headphones briefly if you are about to orgasm, then re-insert.  Oh, and you are welcome.  
Friend: Challenge accepted?
Me: Yes.
Friend: Good. Journal your experience.
Me: (I have never experienced this Dommy side of my submissive friend! Who knew.)

I made it almost 10 minutes before needing to remove the headphones briefly.
5 minutes later I am writhing on the bed, gripping the sheets. Rip out headphones just in time.
7 minutes later I am begging to cum and trying to not cum.  Rip out headphones.
I lose track of time. My legs are spread wide apart to not risk accidentally squeezing myself into an orgasm.  Vague thoughts of revenge on friend form in my mind. Rip out headphones. I cannot listen for a few minutes. Calming down.
Re-insert headphones.  I’m weeping, searching for self control. I remember the time a beloved Dom partner teased me for hours denying an orgasm and this reminds me of that time.  Rip out headphones.
Looking at the clock … 47 minutes have passed. Surely its been 47 hours. I may die if I don’t cum. I will sob if I fail and do cum. Denying this orgasm is wrecking my emotions and my cunt is wild with wet throbbing desire.  I’m imaging every hole being fucked. I’m imagining the most delicious spanking. 
Breathing to calm myself.  I have to stop fantasizing these things.
Re-insert headphones … 53 minutes have passed.
I cannot think straight.  Somehow, I reached the end of the hour without having an orgasm.  Lying on the bed shaking from the stimulation of the tones and effort to not drop over the edge into orgasm.
Taking a shower.  You are safe from me plotting revenge as my brain is incapable of any of its usual genius for some time to cum, I mean, come.


As for your friend

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