I woke up furious. At the challenge, at my feelings, at all the things I’d been trying to hold in but denial was bringing up.

I’ve had rage-sex, of course. Until today, I had never rage-fucked myself. Somehow resisting the urge to cum, although my whole body was screaming “fuck you, I come when I want”. I edged so hard I nearly cried.

And I was still angry.

A few hours later, during a walk, I managed to talk to James. I explained why I was feeling like this. Most of it had nothing to do with denial. I was just so angry. With the wind in my hair, and his words calming me down, I relaxed.

The anger slowly melted away.

I was still on a walk.

Behind a tree, out of sight from everyone except a squirrel, I edged so hard I can still feel it. I felt the ache all the way home.

I bought thin, long paint brushes.

I don’t paint.

Lucky squirrel…
Beautiful write up, well done sweetie.

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