One six letter word should not be this powerful. 

Who knew that withholding orgasm for days on end would do this to me? How can my pussy be wetter than yesterday?  

Tonight I had dinner out with friends. Casual Mexican dining. Jeans attire.  

Our waiter was gorgeous. Flirty.   Every time he looked at me I got wetter and wetter.  It’s like being 16 and the hot college student next door gives you attention.  When I got up to use the ladies room … a small spot of wetness showed through the crotch of my jeans.

I have one more edge to complete tonight.  I slightly grazed my clit a few minutes ago and nearly orgasmed involuntarily.  How can my arousal level be this heightened?  I don’t want to blow it and orgasm … to have to restart the 30 days!  No!

And I’ve been swearing today!  I rarely swear. My sexual frustration is coming out through swearing.  And housecleaning.  Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning between client calls and edging.

It is thrilling to edge. It is tormenting to edge.  I WANT TO CUM!  And I want to conquer this needy craving for cum to erupt from me.  I want to conquer the desire to make my whole bed shake while I moan and thrash about trying to not cum while edging.  

How can I keep this up without any ruined orgasms?  With trembling hands, weakened knees and a dripping wet cunt … I will finish my edging tasks for the day.  

25 days to go.  I swear no one will ever be a good girl better than me if I can just CUM.  

Ok.  Please deny me these orgasms. I want to be a quivering denial slut with a dripping wet no orgasm cunt.  

I said it’d be good…

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