I’m very happy I’m back at work today. I played with myself pretty much non-stop this weekend. It got obsessive, and a little bit unhealthy.

Today, it’s back to basics. I edged quickly and softly in the shower. I’ll briefly edge again this afternoon. And when I come home tonight I’ll limit myself to one or two edges.

James said we could have a ruin, but I don’t want one. The hormonal drop makes me feel horrible, and it makes me want to quit the challenge. It’s really hard. I have to do this alone, without support from anyone, without cuddles or encouragement from anyone. I feel sad and alone today. I just want to be held by strong safe arms, and told that I am strong and I can do this.

I’m always almost deciding to quit. It’s so hard to do this alone. So today I’m back to basics. Nothing too painful or extreme. Just a few edges. And no cumming.

Good girl, keep it up. We’re all rooting for you. You can do this!
A day at a time, a day at a time. Good girls don’t cum, good girls don’t cum.

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