I have had a crazy few days here, horny but crazy.

The wheel of denial was not fun, I spun it in the morning and got no touch, then I spun it again and got no touch. I figured the universe was trying to tell me something. I told Sir what the wheel had given me and he agreed, I was not to touch all day. I was also going to make up for the failure to complete the first part of yesterdays task, so this was going to be a very wet day.

The satin of my favorite blue panties sliding against my clit all day drove me crazy, all I could think about was masturbating and orgasming. I needed that release and knowing I couldn’t even edge was driving me crazy. By the evening I needed more, I asked Sir to spin the wheel for me, maybe he would have better luck. He did not, he landed on suckers on nipples, which he asked me to wear for an hour.

The suckers were divine as they always are, the pulling sending shoots of need down my body to my untouched clit. After my hour in suckers, my nipples were extremely erect, sensitive and sore, my PJ top brushing against them was enough to cause my lips to moisten.

I went to sleep extremely frustrated and looking forward to tomorrows edging

Oh the wheel, it knows what you need!

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