Oh my God I ruined and I’m shaking a little bit. I saw the update for challenge #4 earlier today and I drove myself up the wall trying to decide whether or not I wanted to ruin. I have a huge love-hate relationship with ruins and I don’t want to admit it but they really are so hot.

I started out by getting into bed and edging. I read some stories, looked around at porn on tumblr, and ended by scrolling down @female-orgasm-denial’s ruined orgasms tag as noted in the challenge. There was one post in particular that hit all my buttons. Someone had asked why anyone would ever want to ruin and the response talked about getting a meanie to take away your full blown orgasms and replace them with ruins.. guess what gets taken away next?

I made sure to take my time edging and get myself worked up. I put clips on my nipples and was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit. At this point I was soaked and so so ready to cum. It was tempting to send myself over the edge and just keep going. Instead, I got myself to that point of no return, pulled my hands away as fast as I could, and spread my legs. My pussy spasmed and I couldn’t help but writhe around, wiggling my butt into the mattress in frustration. Ruins make me horny again right away and this burning desire to touch hit me like a truck.

This is where I pushed myself to make it worse. I laid for a minute or so and then took the clips off of my nipples. I love to play with my tits after I’ve taken any sort of clamp off of them but I decided I wasn’t allowed to touch anymore for the rest of the night. I used to play with someone and when we played, he controlled when and where I could touch. He loved nipple clamps and rarely let me touch my tits after clamps or the like were taken off. I found that this left me unusually engrossed in wanting to touch my tits and extra desperate so I that’s why I added it in tonight.

To encourage no touch I grabbed some underwear and a t-shirt and now I’m in my bed stewing with need. My pussy is dripping and my clit feels like it’s screaming to be touched. On top of that my nipples are aching so much.

I absolutely hate ruins but at the same time they make me feel crazy which is something I crave. Sometimes all I want is to be stuck in this state of horniness and need. It’s addicting.

I’d missed this post (sorry! I do my best to find them all) but it’s an absolute cracker.

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