Is it only day 3?

I know it is by how difficult it is to
draw back my hand after every edge. I remember that it gets easier throughout
the time of denial somehow, at least for me. The ache worsens and my pussy
starts to drip, but all that somehow makes it easier to make me deny myself.
Because it feels good and damn, do I need denial.

It doesn’t feel like that yet. It feels a little achy and I already
get wet too easily but… yeah, I’m not in that state yet where my hand
practically draws back by itself. I wanna be in that state, though at the same
time I don’t wanna be because I remember how desperate I also am to cum during that time. Is that weird? How it gets easier to draw back from the edge over time,
though I’m getting more desperate? Does that show how much I actually need to
be denied?

Yeah, I’m somehow already a mess, aren’t I? I’m trying to tell myself that that’s because I’m stressed and not because of the denial. 😉

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