I woke up early to a thunderstorm outside this morning. The first things I noticed after stretching and having a sip of water were that I had to pee and that my pussy seemed really wet. I almost always sleep naked and as I stood up I could feel my wetness start to drip down my thighs.

I got into the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, and started wiping my juices off that had smeared down to my knees. This just made me horny and my nipples were up at attention. I finished up in the bathroom and went back to bed to start touching.

I’ve never gotten a lot of pleasure from my tits and I’ve been trying to influence that for a while and I find that denial helps the most. When my pussy is aching to be touched and orgasm seems so far off my tits seem to welcome more attention. So, I started with my tits. I traced my fingers around in circles putting off touching my nipples directly (denial, denial, denial right haha?) and this got me really wet again. After a while of teasing my tits I finally gave in and started tugging and rubbing and rolling my nipples. I was so wet and took one of my hands down to my pussy.

I edged fast and hard and then stopped touching everywhere because I felt really close. After this I settled into not edging but just lightly touching and I ended up falling back asleep to wait for my alarm to go off.

Day 3 into denial and I’m definitely starting to feel the effects. My body has been craving release and I’ve been wet constantly.

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