05:30 am

God knows why I woke up so early. I’m not a morning person. I dreamt about work, as I do most of the time these days. It’s always in my head. Sex is barely an afterthought. I toss and turn, and then, suddenly, remember the challenge. I turn over and rub my clit. I’m sleepy, not thinking straight. I could probably cum like this and then fall back asleep. I’ve done it before.

I don’t. I stop. I close my eyes. I go back to sleep.


I wake up too late. Fuck. I jump up and run to the bathroom. I have half an hour to get ready before I have to go to work. In the shower, I calm down. I let the water run over my head and I try to breathe. I’m so stressed lately. I need to calm down.

I edge again in the shower. I get close, too close. I could cum like this. But again, I make myself stop, and it annoys me as much as it turns me on. I could cum, if I wanted to. I don’t. I get out. I dry my hair and do my make-up. I go to work. Before I leave the flat, I touch myself again, just briefly. I am wet, dripping, even. For some reason, I wore black lingerie today. No one will see it, but somehow, today, that’s not the point.

Wonderful, so real! You’re doing brilliantly, we’re all proud of you!
And the lingerie… well you’re getting ahead of me now 😛 Perfect.

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