I woke up today with quite a few messages from my master, he was very interested in helping me with the denial calendar. I must mention I also woke up very horny and his messages did not help at all. I hadn’t even truly started and I am already a mess, this was going to be hard. 

The calendar asked for a ruin today, after completing the set edges for the day, a final ruined orgasm. So I started my day off with some play that left my pussy throbbing with want and need. Then I had to go about my day, trying to write my essay all the while crossing and uncrossing my legs giving lovely stimulation to my wanting pussy. 

I had some tasks to complete for Sir today, which I completed before finishing off my edging tasks and my ruin. I am sitting here now writing this and I can barely focus, I just want to have an orgasm, but I am not going to, I am going to enjoy my need and look forward to tomorrow.  

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