I’m writing this one a little late because I was up late edging and I wanted to do the post justice. I really enjoyed this game, a lot, I had way to much fun last night. 

I like to edge at night so I can truly enjoy myself and the need I have afterward. So, I set myself up with my dice and my toys, ready to play the game. I really wanted a 6, so I decided to play until I got one. 

First roll, 5, breast only, this was easy, I love playing with my nipples. They are pierced and oh so fun to play with, I have never done an edge before. I started slowly, just teasing around the areola, focusing on the top where it’s more sensitive. Watching as my nipple grew hard, the skin puckering up then moving to the nipple. Giving each a tight squeeze is with my thumb and forefinger, so the nipple rises slightly, pulling on the bars, twisting them slightly. I found as I focused on my nipples and the sensation it was actually quite easy to get going. 

Second roll, 2, I set up my suction cup dildo for this edge, I set it level to the bed and fucked myself leaning over the bed. This is one of my favorite positions, it just hits all the right spots and it was easy to get to the edge. I challenged myself not to do any touching during this edge, it made it better, I was more needy and wanting, I could have orgasmed if I had just a bit of stimulation.  

Third roll, 4, its as if the universe heard my horny need and gave me a clitoral edge. I used my favorite toy, and I got there fast, and I really felt like orgasming, or even ruining as the previous night had put me in the mood but I didn’t. I actually did two edges back to back here, my pussy was in need of the stimulation, I’m not sure if that broke the rules but I didn’t care. 

Fourth roll, 5, again, this time I did some temperature play, just to spice it up a bit. I grabbed an ice cube from my freezer and used that to perk my nipples up, sending shivers down my body. I didn’t actually get a full edge this time but I did enjoy it. 

Sixth roll, 6, my second roll was a 2, thirty pussy smacks. I thought about this one before I did it and I don’t think I have ever been hit in the pussy before. I started lightly and it wasn’t so bad, I just hit the top. I followed the directions and increased the strength as I went, varying the position I even gave a few direct hits to the clit. I did enjoy this task and the nice reddening of my pussy. 

Overall great day, it was so much fun it distracted me from my want to orgasm, I was just really enjoying the edging. 

Nicely done, good to see you trying the pussy smacking. Most discover, as you did, it’s surprisingly enjoyable!

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