It lingers. The horniness lingers.

Usually, I calm down reasonably fast after an edge. I get horny quick again, as soon as I touch – or as I’ve written before, when I think about it. But after I’ve edged I can usually get back to my normal life quite quick. It’s hardest at night when there’s nothing else to occupy my mind and I’m only trying to sleep.

This morning, I edged and it stayed with me, all through having breakfast. I felt my pussy too much (tingling, dripping a bit etc), considering I was talking to people and trying to think about something else.

Now, it lingers again. It’s still too strong, considering I stopped touching. It feels like my finger still sits on top of my clit.

Mh. And still not even half the month is over.

This is delightful, so glad you’re experiencing something new!

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