So after waking up stupidly horny today and weirdly dazed like the whole world was fuzzy, I realized I probably didn’t have an orgasm, but the most exceptional ruin ever…. and now I kind of get it. Congratulations, Advent Denial, you broke me. (By which I mean thank you.)

And oh gosh, hi, to all the lovely, amazing people suddenly following me. I’m super flattered. (And thank you to those of you who pointed out that it was probably a ruin, not an orgasm. You clinched it.)

Now I’m off to edge and try and call someone. Which sounds totally mortifying. I worry about my neighbours hearing me (which is hard when you like making noise).

Just realized what I thought was the ‘read more’ break was in fact a horizontal line… sorry for the uncut posts filling up your dash.

Update: This should be me telling you about edging on the phone with someone… anyone. But all of my friends were busy (for which I was admittedly grateful) and when I called customer service to try that I was on hold for 42 minutes and finally gave up – though I did edge a couple of times (and also freaked out when the terrrrrible music crackled and I thought someone was actually going to start talking to me). 

But sweet dreams everyone, who knows what delicious things tomorrow will bring.

Hey look, 42 minutes on hold is brilliant, well done for trying it!
I’m glad you’re enjoying all the new attention.

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