This is another thing I have actually done before, not an intentional edge but I have been on the phone while a man pleasured me, twice. The first time I was on the phone with my mother and the guy I was with got tired of waiting, he started to play with me and then suddenly he bit my naked ass, the nerve. I told my mom I had stubbed my toe to explain my cry. The second time I was in the middle of getting frisky and I got a distressed call from a drunk friend so being the good friend I am I answered, how rude of me. He let me talk for a minute then proceeded to taught me with his tongue and his fingers, I did my best to control my panting but had my friend not been drunk I probably would have gotten caught.  

So today I really committed to this task seeing as I have prior experience. Do you all remember my friend from yesterday, the one I suggested edging to? Well, she and I talked again today, sadly she was busy last night and had no time for play maybe tonight. We talked for a while about nothing, school, exams, studying, and when I was feeling nice and relaxed in the conversation I slipped my hand down my pants. The conversation was casual and easy to keep up at first, as my fingers swirled my clit, and my arousal built. I knew my breath was going to be the hardest to control so I waited for her to start a story and then slipped one finger into my pussy. I moved it up against the front wall, drawing little circles. Then I started to move clit to pussy, tracing little circles, I let my moans and gasps come out as acknowledgments of her story, agreeing with whatever she was saying. I couldn’t tell you what the story was about, I think a boy, but I was a bit preoccupied. She finished her story before I finished my edge and I had to try and carry on the conversation as I got closer to my edge. She asked me at one point if I was distracted, I lied and told her I was looking at facebook. I did the full edge, on the phone with her, I don’t think I got caught but I also didn’t ask. It was not as challenging as some of the other tasks have been but it required a lot of focus and was definitely taboo which made it fun. 

A perfect execution:
*Waves paddle with ‘10’ on it.
Laughs when you bend over at the sight of a paddle.

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