Day 1 Edge 1

First day of JuNo…and it just so happens to be the first day of my period. So time to break out a toy because I’m not a fan of getting my fingers dirty.

Do you know what I am a fan of? Lovehoney’s Silencer Whisperer. Seriously, pretty much my favourite toy. It packs a punch, and as it’s a classic vibrator you can use it inside as a dildo or just as a normal vibrator. What’s not to love about that?

So for my edge, I’m riding it between my legs, pressed up against my pussy, gradually increasing the speed to full. I’ll leave it there till I can’t bear it any more, then once I think I might come that’s this edge over.

I’ll make a new post once this Edge is over for how long that took!

Great JuNO Journal shaping up here, three entries already, and Brooklyn 99 Gifs, what more could you want?! 

Oh i know, money off Lovehoney, our shared love apparently – I just checked and all these codes still work apart from the New Zealand ones but I’ll see if I can dig up any for you lot round the other side.


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