Okay, after 30 spanks to my pussy for being such a flat chested little slut I spun the punishment wheel again and got this, I have to tell you my darkest fantasy to your blog. So here goes…

Having to have a supprelin implant every year until I was 16 had me still flat while the other girls started growing their boobs.  Two years later now that I’m 18 and they’re still small with the doc saying I *might* grow as much as an A cup “eventually”.  *sighs*  So, yeah, always teased in school by girls and guys alike for being so flat, flat chest, flat ass, short, etc. etc. etc.  Very hard to get guys when they look past me at any other girl who has something up there besides a small nipple bump. Thus, not a whole lot of sex and mostly masturbation even including humiliating fantasies of the situations I’ve been in when being teased or having some guy laugh when I finally get the nerve up to ask him out.  Those few times I have had sex, it’s been with guys who can’t get a date and they either haven’t had condoms or didn’t want to use them and I of course was desperate.  

Anyway, by the times I actually got to fuck I was willing to take the risk or get a morning after pill at the drugstore later, I just wanted sex and wanted sex NOW.  Besides, it actually made it hotter knowing the risk just to be fucked to an orgasm so yeah, that’s a thing for me now too. Please let me cum and I’ll let you go bareback and fill me up.   I even said when drunk one night with my sorority sisters that I don’t care if I get pregnant at least I’ll have gotten laid.

My darkest fantasy is that they filed that away in their minds and somehow know about me edging myself all the time listening to my sorority sister in the next room fucking her boyfriend.  I’m taking a nap after a furious edging session when the door bangs open and the girls rush in, pinning me down and tying me spread eagle to my bed. Some pillows are shoved under my ass and my tank top and panties are cut off.  The top is wrapped around my eyes and face as a blindfold and the panties shoved into my mouth.

Panting and struggling against the bonds I feel a slap on my pussy and a shout to hold still or it’ll hurt more.  Then there’s a sharp pain on my clit, then another and another, then my pussy is held open and some more more sharp stabs, then some rubbing.  One of the girls whose voice I recognize says “It’ll start working in about 5 minutes”, but all I can do is wonder what “it” is, then remember she’s in the dental school.  They start teasing my nipples and rubbing my pussy, then one of them puts a vibe on my clit and it feels soooo good.  I start to roll my hips against it and they laugh, it feels so good as I build up to the edge but then I start to feel numb.  I can’t get over the edge and they’re laughing that my pussy is still dripping wet and I hear smacks as they high five each other.  Blindfolded and gagged, one of them says “Where’s the thing?” and I hear a guys’ voice and the sensation of some type of headphone over my ears that completely muffles any sounds like my uncle’s shooting hearing protectors.

One of the sisters pulls back on the ear muffs and says “It’s the perfect timing and you said you didn’t care if you got knocked up so long as you got laid, but you never said anything about getting to orgasm you silly denial slut.“  The hearing protectors are put back in place and they’ve arranged for their boyfriends and guys from some of the frats we party at to fuck me and my dripping cunt bareback.

Shy little flat girl gets fucked by more guys than she’s ever had in her life, bareback and doesn’t get to even come.  That’s me.

Well now, isn’t that some dark and twisted shit. Amazing, well done Pancakes! I’ve encouraged her to post herself on the header of her new blog so you can see she’s really not exaggerating her situation.

I suspect messages from girls with bigger breasts, which is basically all of you, telling her how she should never be allowed to cum because she’s so small titted would be very welcome.


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