Today’s edgings: 5

Total edgings: 165

Days without orgasm: 20

Times Sir has fucked my pussy: 6
Times Sir has fucked my ass: 0

Days continuously plugged: 7

I absolutely love your daily reports.  The longest I’ve made my cunt wait for an orgasm was an even 400 days.  It was her idea.  Normally, I like to give her one every 50 to 100 days.  On her 30th birthday, I allowed her to be greedy.  I allowed her to orgasm with her fingers in the morning, a dildo at mid-day, my hands in the afternoon and I fucked her crazy before bedtime.  She suggested that she make up for them.  I didn’t argue.  She thought 200 days, nope.  She thought her birthday again, nope.  She thought that she would get one every day after.  The begging became intense after her birthday.  Sob stories and pleading her case.  Until I explained to her that her begging will only prolong her absence of pleasure did she understand.  Talk about a constantly horny wife!  I was the luckiest man alive.  So hungry and eager to please.  Willing to do anything to earn that privilege.  On day 400, I had her edge every hour on the hour and at 11:50pm I told her she had until midnight to cum as much as she wanted.  Her count was three.  She was on her fourth, in he middle of orgasm when the alarm hit midnight.  I quickly removed her hand, and fucked her until she came at least one more time.  She will never suggest denial again.  Or so that’s what she claims.


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