Day four. I texted Daddy first thing letting him know I was all tingly and excited after last night. He responded that it had been really good for him too “Though it was a struggle not to just keep fucking, touching, and sucking on you until you came.

”I feel so… Feminine today. I wore a tulle skirt, floral blouse and heels just to run errands. I am constantly aware of my cunny, my panties are damp and every text from Daddy sends a throb of arousal through me. My breasts are extra sensitive, my nipples feel always erect.

I got permission to hump my pillow for 4 minutes! He figured out I needed a time limit or I’d just rub myself raw. It feels so wonderful, any kind of stimulation right now. I’m glad I normally cum so much because I think it’s made this so much more intense. It’s only been 4 days but it’s such a dramatic difference I’m really feeling it. I have wanted him to take control of my orgasms for a long time now and it is everything I hoped it would be.

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