Cupcake meets up with her ‘Daddy’

Day three Daddy texted me first thing in the morning asking if I was being a good girl. I had woken up so incredibly horny and was all wiggly. I begged him to please edge and he said I could but to be careful because I didn’t have permission to cum. I tried pillow humping with great success. Sent Daddy a picture of course. The friction was lovely and stimulating but not enough to make me cum on its own. I looked at Tumblr and humped my pillow until he texted me and said “You’ll ruin that pillow if you keep doing that all morning.” How did he know I was still in bed?! He knows me too well *pout*

In the evening I was over at his house for dinner. He had been teasing me all night, petting, kissing, innocent touches but they kept me on simmer. Finally he pulled me into his lap, straddling him. He lifted my shirt and sucked on my breasts leisurely, just softly suckling, praising me for how sweet my milk is and what a good girl I am for feeding Daddy. I was trying to be still and just let him enjoy himself, but I was really, really getting desperate.

Finally he rolled us so I was under him on the couch, he pressed his thigh up between my legs, making me moan and rub against him. Here’s what is really exciting though, I started begging, but I wasn’t begging to cum I was begging to make him cum. I wanted him to cum so badly, I wanted to please him, serve him. Yes I was on the edge, yes I could cum in an instant but I didn’t want that yet.

He asked me if I thought I could hold off my orgasm if he slid his chock in my cunt. He loves using naughty words and making me blush. I said yes, desperate to feel him cumming inside me.

“Does my princess want her little cunny full of Daddy’s cum?” Oh good yes please, I begged for his cum. He undressed me, then pulled me into his naked lap. I was shaking as I lowered myself onto his cock. It felt so good, he got me sliding up and down slowly, then resumed playing with my breasts. It was so hard not to cum but I held off, determined to be good and make Daddy cum. 

He sped me up with his hands on my hips, finally pulling me down hard against him as his cock throbbed inside me. It was the most amazing feeling, I was so sensitive and swollen I could feel every sweet throb of his orgasm. He snuggled me there, petting and praising me as I trembled with need. It was a moment I’d dreamed of for so long, giving control to him like this, putting his pleasure first. 

It was amazing and I felt slightly drugged, fuzzy and euphoric. I thanked him for trying this with me, I know he worried from the beginning that I’d feel like he’d failed if he didn’t “satisfy” me. I told him how amazing I felt and how wonderful this was. He snuggled me up beside him and we watched tv for awhile. 

I noted it was getting late and he probably needed to get to bed, he said he’d send me home once my legs stopped shaking. Oh, he’d noticed that eh?

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