I am a reserved girl.

I’m transitioning from unowned to owned.

I’m transitioning from a girl who was free to a girl who is free. That’s what it feels like when you finally find someone worthy of your submission. Or, in my case, that’s what it feels like when you spend three years lusting after your best friend, an utterly amazing man who also happens to be lusting after you, and finally make the decision to take things further.

I call him Bossy Boyfriend. It started with bedtimes. 11:30 sharp on weeknights and Sunday nights. Then, texting him when I leave for work so he knows I’m leaving on time. After that, the No Coffee Before Lunch rule, as it ruins my appetite. Little by little, I’m surrendering control. Little by little, he’s wielding his authority over me, but only for things that benefit me. Slowly but surely, I’ll give him more of me. Slowly but surely, as we push the boundaries and play with the exchange of power, he gets that much closer to being Daddy.

As for this virgin cunt? Well, it’s not as mine as it used to be. I know who’s going to be the first one to ever fuck it. I know who it’ll belong to. I know who will tease it, deny it, torture it. It’s reserved, just for him. I am reserved, just for him. 

There has never been anyone better. 

How very beautiful.

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