If your blog isn’t NSFW and you don’t post about kinky stuff there then this is something I’m recommending for the Advent Denial Challenge and also, just as a really good way to build some discipline and reflection into your denial and edging experience. (Mindfulness baby, oh yeah!)

Start a Denial Journal – obviously the easy option is Tumblr, you’re here already, and it works brilliantly. But you could also do this in a word document or on Google Drive or it’d be cute in just a private journal, you know, those things people write in, with like, pens (I still haven’t figured how to hyperlink in the yet though).

If you do have a NSFW blog already, just use tags (you use tags, right, they are the LIFE BLOOD of making your tumblr useful) – #denialjournal for general use and add #adventdenial if you’re doing it as part of the denial challenge.

Little known fact – only the first five tags will be included in general Tumblr searches! The rest are only if you’re searching a specific blog. So if you want other people to find your #denialjournal make sure to put it up front. (You can drag them once you’ve put them in on the web tumblr, btw!)

A secondary blog can be completely private, you can set a password on it so no one else can see it. Alternatively you can choose to turn off ‘Show author portraits’ which means there’s no link at all to your primary blog, so you can post things there with impunity and keep it public, which some of you will love.

Click the + New on the web Tumblr:

Or on mobile open your blog (bottom right), then top left click your blog name, and choose ‘Create a new tumblr’

Alternatively clicking this might work…


At the very least have a bit of a play with it (some setting options are only available on the web version but once it’s set up it works really well on the app).

Sharing is caring

On the off chance you’re doing this with friends, you can even create a group blog, yes, you can invite others to be members of a secondary blog, and all share. If you have a dom/me then sharing the blog with them can be great.

What to do with it once you’ve made it…

I tend to encourage them to be used three ways

  1. As a diary to record what you do and how you feel as you explore denial, kink, or anything really. You often don’t appreciate how far you’ve come unless you record your journey. Try and write something each day, even if it’s only short.
  2. A place to reblog your favourite posts that you can edge to and get inspired by later – a safe place for kinky ‘likes’, really, except you reblog them instead of click like (others can now see your likes unless you’ve turned that off).
  3. A place to deliver denial challenges – it might be having to write up and share a fantasy, or something you do, or if you’re up for it, posting some pictures. If you do post pictures, even if it’s just a private tumblr, I’d suggest you keep them anonymous, keep your face or any identifying features on your body or room out of it. Just seems like common sense to me.

I’ll give you opportunities to promote your denial journal on my blog if you want some followers, and specifically I’ll be highlighting any adventdenial blogs, hurrah!

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