Love this question! Some kind of desire for semi-public tasks is actually quite a common desire when you really let denial take you to new levels of arousal and openness. I’ve done a lot with it in the past but not much recently, so thank you for sparking this!

So just a heads up with anyone considering this kind of activity. The thrill is in the RISK of being caught, not in actually purposefully exposing yourself. The latter is often illegal, but more than that I just don’t think it’s fair to force others to participate in your play, so be considerate. That’s very contextual of course, letting your bare ass get glimpsed in a nightclub full of adults is very different from wandering around a mall or playground! Be sexy, but be safe and sensible too people.

Okay, with that out the way, here are some ideas

Exhibitionism starts at home

So the questioner is already trying some things at home and this really depends on your circumstances. For some it’s fun to do things at home, however for others, for example if you live with parents, it’s a very bad idea.

If you can do this at home then here are some ideas

Decide how much to wear, from cute dress you can reach under to completley naked, according to how daring you want to be. Get to the edge and then go and stand in a window where there is a slight chance you might be seen. Best done at night to avoid kids. Once you get to the window, shut your eyes and rub yourself to the count of 50. Then, you open them and you CONTINUE to rub, even if you’re being watched, for the count of ten. As with clothes, vary the amount of light, from very safe in the dark to bright lights. This is a great one for the classic apartment block facing another scenario. 

Another idea is to be edging when the post is likely to arrive, and if the door rings, commit (or at least fantasise) about going to answer it naked or in the lingerie you’re wearing. A more deliberate variation is to order a pizza etc and answer the door naked, or wearing a towel which you then ‘accidentally’ drop. The most fun is to act completely normally as though you were dressed. As soon as the door closes, go and edge your brains out, or if you are allowed, you get the reward of an orgasm.

A nice anonymous one is to go on a sex chat site like chaterbate and make sure the cam isn’t showing your face (or wear a mask). Basically ignore the chat apart from the waving to show you’re real, and just edge as you watch men from around the world cum, looking at you. Don’t get drawn into their bullshit games though, if they try it just hit next, never show your face to strangers (and make sure nothing too obvious is showing in your room too). You can start with a little message ‘You have one minute to cum looking at me’ and see what happens. Again, if you’re allowed, set a target, maybe 20 guys cumming and you can orgasm.

The great outdoors

When heading out from the safety of home again, just be sensible about what you do please. Sadly there are those out there who will take the fact you’re being naughty as consent to hurt you, so be safe! Also,most of these are better in the summer unless you’re a cold weather masochist (I find being cold one of the best ways to kill any horniness myself).

One of the purest forms of exhibitionism is to find somewhere beautiful and isolated. Some woods is a perfect example, and strip naked and edge right there, ‘one with nature’ and all that. It’s also surprisingly liberating to ‘mark’ the territory with your pee. Suddenly the embarrassing squat scenario can be reclaimed as something sexy.

For the more urban among us, shop changing rooms afford a wonderful place to try on some sexy clothes and then edge in them, or just naked! Some countries allows changing room cameras though so do check your relevant laws (although some of you kinky bitches might actually like that). Less sexy but equally thrilling can be the secret trip to the rest room. Try stripping there, and edging as you try to be completely silent. For real thrill seekers… dash into the men’s restroom instead!

Generally inserting ‘jiggle (ben wa) balls’ and going out, or a butt plug (make sure it’s comfy and take a bag in case you need to take it out) and going anywhere is enormous fun. No panties adds to the experience, and a short but not crazy-short dress or skirt adds even more. 

Finding a private corner in a cafe and reaching under a coat on  your lap and edging right there is a classic scenario. Especially in a skirt with your bare ass on the seat. But be a good girl and make sure to wipe up the mess you leave!

This is probably overkill:

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