Are you referring to this:

If so, the source is still listed and linked, I reblogged, not reposted, and it has the gif embedded.

That’s how Tumblr works. Sometimes I delete the captions other people have put above, there were several, and that means that if the OP had put their blog name specifically as a caption then that goes too. But the credits are still there, absolutely obvious:

If someone specifically puts ‘please don’t delete these credits’ then I’ll respect that, and that’s fine, I take it as them saying that they don’t like the way Tumblr does it and wants to add extra. And if someone says ‘please don’t add captions’ then I’ll respect that too. But otherwise I trust in Tumblr to link people right back to where it came from, because that’s how it works.

I think that’s reasonable. If you don’t like the way it works, then complain to Tumblr, not me.

Then again you didn’t even bother saying what post you were referring to, so maybe it’s one of the other 5,000 I’ve made. Thanks for the effort. Of those 5,000 posts I’ve been asked 3 times to attribute something I’d missed, which of course I happily do (I often find stuff on google and it could have come from anywhere). So maybe get off your high horse and start making your own OC

(or at least be helpful and non vague)

and then you can decide what I’m better than.

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