I started with James’ Christmas Challenge! And I’m frustrated and desperate for release… what a surprise. I had a long travel day today, so I only did one edge today. It’s 11pm already, so I doubt that I’ll get more than that done… However, the edge was amazing! I used my vibe and browsed naughty stuff on tumblr, and I really really really wanted to just go over and enjoy the orgasm, but I’m a good girl and good girls don’t cum. Frustrating.

I hope that it won’t be too hard for me tomorrow, I didn’t properly edge for nearly two months! I’m excited and nervous to see how it will be to get back into some more serious denial. And I’m already really scared of getting tails on Christmas day… Like I really really wanna cum. But that’s the purpose of this, right?

UPDATE: my clit started to throb and hurt… I guess this is going to be harder than I thought. I also can’t stop grinding my cunt into the mattress. Ugh.

Good work babygirl!

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