Her slimy silk thong bubbles in her mouth as she sucks her dribble out. Her plump glass plug slowly, steadily, broadens the fuck pit which was her ass, training her capable for more thorough degradation.

Teddy’s fur was smooth, slick, there was only 4 minutes left in her daily broadcast.

1 minute, she dragged the spitty mess of silk and lace from her mouth and slipped it up her legs, pulled the straps with her thumbs to her nipples as the delicate back rubbed the plug in deeper.

Letting out a soft, pitiful moan, she started to lick teddy clean, talking to the inanimate toy, “thank you for teasing me, thank you for feeding me..”

She licked her lips clean and bit them, went offline, and tried to distract herself.

Only 4 more times until daddy attaches a dildo to teddy. Only 4 more times until she’s allowed to cum

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