Ok, so I’m almost at 4000 followers! I’ve decided to celebrate by playing a chastity game! I’m going to be locked from now until 12pm Pacific tomorrow, with the key locked in my portable safe and the code on emlalock. 

Every 1 new follower will add 8 hours
Every 1 reblog this post gets will add 1 hour (max 3/page/day)
Every 1 Dollar donated to my transition will add 1 day and 1 hr with my vibrating buttplug on high

Every time the chastity hits a new week the requirements will double (2 followers=8 hours, etc).

I will be updating the total and reblogging it daily until the time runs out, no limit on max time! Feel free to msg me if you have any thoughts or ideas!

They were smart building in an ‘exponential limiter’ with the doubling rule, but, if just 0.25% of you lot, follow this blog, that chastity cage is staying locked till Christmas… 

‘No limit on max time’

Happy Thanksgiving @aspiring-trans-bimbo

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