You browse this blog in secret. 

You don’t ‘like’ my posts as you’re scared someone might see, and you probably don’t dare follow it, because your stream of posts needs to stay ‘vanilla’.

But you’re not vanilla, not deep inside. You’re a horny little slut who can’t stop touching herself. Even if you struggle to identify with ‘slut’ as a description, but deep down you want to.

No one would guess from your innocent and cute tumblr that you rub and edge, and probably cum to my blog. 

No one would imagine how long you spend with your fingers inside your panties, just like this, fantasising all kinds of hot, kinky things.

Maybe you’re young, maybe you’re not. Perhaps you’re a virgin, or perhaps you’ve been having boring, vanilla sex for years. It doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that no one else knows this part of you. The woman who lies and aches and wants more. Who wants to be denied, and kinky and probably controlled.

If this is you, then here’s your challenge.

Here’s your chance to step up, own who you are, pursue what you want and need. 

You’re going to take a risk, and trust me. Everything below is completely confidential. Only you and I will ever know about it, I promise. But if you want it enough, it involves a little leap of faith.

So, if you’re brave enough, and want it enough, here’s what I want you to do:

  1. Edge, edge hard – maybe you’ve never edged before, you always cum. Whatever your experience, edge now. Scroll through my blog, read the captions, rub, and fuck if you do that, but DO NOT CUM
  2. When you’re horny and wet and desperate, use that to be brave – MESSAGE ME on tumblr – yes, using your primary, vanilla account. The real you. Message me from there, using these exact words:
    ‘Good girls don’t cum. James, please help me be a good girl’
    and then sign it with a name I should call you and put your age in brackets (because this isn’t for anyone underage).
  3. I’m going to check your blog to make sure it’s genuine and you fall into the above category – this really is just for those taking that first step (we’ll do more for others groups like this if there’s demand).
  4. Assuming the above works out, I’m going to reply in person.
    You are NOT allowed to cum until I have replied. It’s the first thing I’m going to ask you.
    Depending on time of day, that may be hours or longer till you hear back from me. You may edge as much as you want, and if you slip over you can ruin the orgasm, but if you cum before we talk, you’ve failed the challenge.
  5. I’m then going to ask you some more questions. They are going to be direct, explicit and designed to excite and arouse you. I’d suggest if possible you edge while you answer them.
  6. Depending on your answers, I’m then going to set you you’re very own personal denial task. I’ll try to make it as tailored and exciting for you as possible. If you’re willing I may ask you to give me progress updates I can post anonymously to the blog too.
  7. If you manage the task I set you, you get to cum, proud and excited at your achievement.
    If you fail it, that’s okay too, you’ll get a ruined orgasm and praised for giving it your best go.

Either way you’ll have taken a massive step from wishing, to becoming, the denial slut you ache to be.

If there’s enough demand from this I’ll consider setting up a limited time discord chat group, just for those who go through the challenge, so you can talk with women like you, starting to explore denial, with whom you can chat and share experiences. and to which I’d contribute, and invite a few trusted denial slut friends who you can pester for advice.

If you don’t have a blog, or only have one with a few posts, or already have a NSFW blog, then I’m sorry, this challenge isn’t for you.

My time is limited, so I’m only going to do this for a limited number of respondents. I’ll reblog this post with a note to say when I’ve stopped. Sorry if you miss out, if only you’d been that little bit braver (or just luckier and seen this sooner!)

So, are you up for the challenge?

I dare you. Stop wishing, start becoming.

Begin edging, work through the blog (don’t miss this out, it’s important) and when you’re ready, well, you have your instructions.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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