So I had this submission through via message, of a domme who’s convinced a colleague to try denial, how great is that?! Here’s the account they sent me:

I have had this submission as I have been helping a Co worker discover denial. she is happy to share it. Just wants it out to more followers than I have got.

Thanks in advance.

6 days of denial resulting in an amazing intense multiple orgasm.

The task was simple no cumming until deserved.

The first 2 days fucking my pussy with my favourite bullet and fingers seemed easy, I was wet and longed to cum but it was too soon, I could do more!
Day 3 began early morning i was rubbing my clit and rolling my nipples between my fingers, I was so wet. I continued edging for the rest of the day to the point i felt i would explode. My knickers drenched I was too close and needed to punish myself.
Everytime I wanted to touch my clit I would slap my pussy 10 times.
By the end of day 4 I was exhausted I couldn’t concentrate and my pussy was red raw.
I could no longer use any on my toys i didn’t think i could keep it in it was too hard.
I opted for my hairbrush and hand held mirror. I was so wet the hair brush slipped into my pussy I could see my aching clit urging to be touched.
I swapped to the long thin mirror handle but it was too close. It was time for punishing my naughty clit. 20 pussy slaps.

Day 5 back to work.
Feeling irritated and sat in traffic I put my bullet in my knickers. The vibrations making me wetter and wetter. STOP. Not time for cum yet!
I was set to go away for the night with work. I knew that would be that perfect opportunity to have the orgasm I had trained for and resisted for so long.
My bullet and wand were coming in this trip with me.

Travelling was hard.
It was decided that for every red or blue car I saw I would do 10 Kegel exercises knowing that it would add to in intense orgasm.
The 1st service stop I went to the bathroom and fucked my pussy while playing with my lips. It was coming It was close…. but it wasn’t time. After a short break repeated the same until on the brink!
At my 2nd service stop I had to edge again. It was like an addiction everyone taking me closer to the end game. My body ached, I felt out of control but had to try and be calm.
Determined to reach midnight. I decided my trip to grab food was another opportunity. I took myself off to the restroom and removed my clothes. Completely naked i ran my fingers over my body. I rubbed my outer lips and pushed my fingers into my wet pussy…. STOP

Finally back in my room only a couple of hours to get through.

I took off my clothes leaving only my knickers and caressed my body infront of the mirror.
Rolling my nipples I grabbed a pillow and began grinding on it.
I straddled it with my wet knickers. I ripped them off and put them in my mouth then carried on humping the pillow.
My juices were flowing making the pillow so wet.
I was close so close I almost didn’t stop in time. My clit throbbing I could see my pulse. I grabbed some ice and ran it over my body and my clit!!

It was finally time to begin to let go…

I rubbed my fingers on my clit, massaging my gspot.
I got my hair brush and lay on my back fucking my wet pussy with my hair brush while continuing to rub my clit.
I could feel it coming, heart rate elevated, hot and sweating.
My body began twitching it was heaven creamy white cum was flowing out of my pussy!
I ran my tongue over my hair brush I had to taste the the most intense orgasm!
I could tell it was not over, I got my bullet and held it on my clit. It wasn’t long before I was cuming again, I screamed at climax and it was over. For now.
I continued to caress my body squeezing my nipples and mound.
I turned onto my front and began to use the hair brush again! Fucking my pussy and pulling my hair hard until I came again.

With cum all over my body and in my hair, the smell of me in the air all the results of the most amazing orgasm because of edging!!

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