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do you have any tips to help with self-control? i usually can’t edge more than 3 or 4 times before i accidentally push myself over and it ruins the whole experience because i just feel disappointed in myself

Stop at three. Seriously. Three edges and you’re done. No more touching for at least four hours. See if you can manage three days like that. Experience the denial high for real. Once you know what you’re missing out on by cumming, it’s easier to deny yourself.

Hi James, I was wondering if you accept anon photo submissions either here or on your BDSMLR acct? (Is that possible?) As part of my denial, I’ve been exploring clothing as a way of getting into the submissive mindset. I dress pretty modestly in public, but the thought of wearing something really revealing and having my body on display is a huge turn on for me. I took a pic the other night while wearing some of my newest outfit purchases and would love to share with you and your followers. -😇

Absolutely. As long as I’m convinced it’s genuine and from you, always happy to indulge exhibitionism. Probably more on BDSMLR than here now, although the post I just made with boobs in didn’t get flagged yet, which is interesting. I wonder if the new owners of Tumblr are letting things get a bit laxer. Anyway,

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Hi James, Idk if you can answer this question but lately when I’m edging the only way for me to stop myself going over is to squirt a little bit (or sometimes a lot). It’s like I have to release the pressure somehow. I’m mostly fine with it but I am a little concerned that I have so little control over it. Do you or your followers have any tips on how to not squirt if you don’t want to? Thanks and have a great day!

That’s a new one on me but I can see the logic of it. There is a very definite pressure build up that increases pleasure for some women (just like some love edging with a full bladder) and so letting some of that out just takes you off the edge. If you don’t want to

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ebrilblog: After edging class at the denial academy everyone was allowed a nap.

The dinner party would be so much simpler without the ‘no touch’ clips but she’d touched without permission and he’d been perfectly clear about the consequences. Just as she had to be when explaining it to all their friends.

fawnstarflare: evilqueen1969: “Umm whats that uhh choker on your neck?” “It’s not a choker it’s a collar. My girlfriend… no I mean my owner locked it on me So everyone knows I’m Hers.” “Oh. Well if your a slave then shouldn’t you be kneeling?” “Ok look two things: 1. I can’t be a lifeguard if

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That looks like a good task to earn an orgasm. Or a ruin.Or maybe just being allowed to touch…

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