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flrcaptions: To all subs who were looking for a sign to cum. This isn’t it, keep looking. I approve of this message

Only three weeks into her new edging regime and she already felt like a new person entirely.

Hey.. looking for someone I used to follow on here. All their captions were about a group of sexy superheroes fighting super villains. Lost my old tumblr so have no idea what their username was, and their stuff used to have me dripping like crazy

Hmm, couldn’t tell you but let’s see if someone can! Over to you, tumblrites… Oh and I’ll just leave this here

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Aren’t they lovely, princess. Happy birthday! Each one is an orgasm you can have this year. A gift from me.Oh and baby, here’s my other gift. Yes, just a little pin.I want you to pop every orgasm you don’t want to have. But edge first, baby. I want you watch you thinking about how much

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Hey James! So I have a really weird question. I’m really into the idea of denial and usually edge myself, but I want to try it with my boyfriend. The problem is I can’t orgasm. I can do it myself, but I’ve never been able to during activities with someone else. I’ve been faking it forever. So, my question is, is it even denial if I don’t/can’t orgasm anyway? Because, I feel like I could never have the full experience :/

Hi anon, You’ve got a few options here. If you can cum by yourself but just not with a partner then it’s usually a case of practising being more relaxed with them, communicating about where you’re at, and teaching them what works for you. Being more relaxed can be as simple as having a drink

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hi James, quick question. do you think aiming for a month is too much for my first time edging? should i cut it down to a week? also, im edging myself, any tips on how to get myself to stop just on the edge? I’ve tried edging a few times but always mess up and allow mysterious an orgasm. thanks!

Yeah, it’s a bit overambitious. The trouble is you’re setting yourself up for failure whereas you want your first forays into the wonderful world of edging to be a success. A week is even a stretch. I’d normally suggest you build up by doing it overnight, as waking up super horny and edging again is

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