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eroticlass: youaremostlynaked: is a good day to follow some real people on here instead of anonymous porn rebloggers. Make a connection, say hi (no, keep your cock in your pants unless it’s requested), wish someone well. You know, hippie shit. But seriously, even if it’s hippie shit it’s a nice thing to do. “Strangers stopping

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sinister-sadist: POST-ORGASM SHAME: A Brief Essay I think everyone is familiar with the experience of post-orgasm shame. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about it and suggest some ways that you can prevent it from ruining your personal sexual gratification. Introduction Post-orgasm shame is a common phenomenon whereby your head completely clears after

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edginggirlchallenges: Like & reblog.. desperateanddenied: Let’s play Okay, so Master has decided that For every reblog of this post I get an extra day of orgasm denial. For every comment I must slap wherever the comment instructs, if it doesn’t say, I slap my pussy. For every like this post gets I must tease myself

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littlemisssubshine: Reblog if you mentally call yourself slutty names while masturbating just to get off. Gotta know if I’m the only one… Those notes are so worth a read…

flrcaptions: To all subs who were looking for a sign to cum. This isn’t it, keep looking. I approve of this message

Only three weeks into her new edging regime and she already felt like a new person entirely.

Hey.. looking for someone I used to follow on here. All their captions were about a group of sexy superheroes fighting super villains. Lost my old tumblr so have no idea what their username was, and their stuff used to have me dripping like crazy

Hmm, couldn’t tell you but let’s see if someone can! Over to you, tumblrites… Oh and I’ll just leave this here

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