He’d left over an hour ago. All he said was to call him, only if she was sure of what she’d be giving up if she became his. One of his biggest fantasies was to find a woman that had never had an orgasm. And then never giving her one. While all she had been doing for years was follow every advice on how to cum. She would try anything only to find out that didn’t work either. As she stared at the phone she remembered his face when he found out she was anorgasmic. His eyes brightened and his smile grew bigger than ever before. He would treasure her, and so she finally made the call. His answer ‘I will make sure you long for that orgasm more than you can imagine, more than you ever have. You’ll look at me with despair, minutes later you’ll beg me to never let you cum though.’

Wonderful caption from my brand new in box!

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