I surprised myself this morning. I had a really good night’s sleep after my date with Daddy yesterday. I dreamed of denial and spankings and edges. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of horniness. As I got ready, I was (obviously) naked at some point, before I put on my clothes for work. Remembering the paddling from yesterday, I looked in a mirror to check if there were any bruises left.

There weren’t any, but I noticed something else. My ass looked good. No, not just good, amazing! Scrumptious. I forgot about the bruises and just started playing with my ass. Admiring it, poking it, watching the curve bounce around and feeling the round shape and soft skin with my hands. It looked like it should be in a movie.

This may seem silly, but I’ve never looked at myself in a mirror and thought “Wow, I’d fuck that.”

This morning though, I desperately wanted to see my ass spanked, and I wanted to get down right there and watch myself as I played with my ass and fingered my pussy. But it was getting late and I needed to get to work, and I’m not allowed to touch without permission anyway (though I’m sure Daddy would have let me).

Speaking of Daddy, he was soooo soooo proud and told me what a good girl I was, how glad he was that I felt good about my ass, and how much he feels the same way, how he loves my ass, how he loves all of me so so much. It made me even more excited and little and I rambled on about how delightful playing with my ass was. He agreed and told me that he wanted me to, in my own time, feel that way about every part of my body.

I think edging and denial has been a big part of this (and, of course, Daddy has been the biggest part). Hearing how lovely my ass looks while I was on the edge and desperately begging to cum is such a turn on for me, but I never actually appreciated my ass myself. Being into denial and not being allowed to touch my pussy without permission has forced me to explore my body, and slowly, I’m learning to love myself as much as I love being admired. This is a big deal for me and I’m super super excited ?

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