Yes, yes it can, but you just decide it won’t so you can create another sexuality label to make yourself look cool.

Let me give you some serious advice. It appears to be becoming trendy to decide you’re some unusual category of gender and/or sexuality, 

Don’t let me stop you, you can call yourself whatever. And I’m not debating if those things are real. But here’s what you need to understand.

You can define yourself however you want, just don’t expect me or anyone else to give a shit.

If you want to be special, do it by things that matter to others. 

Be an incredible writer, or artist or engineer or scientist. Excel in your field. Study and work hard. Be someone who loves unconditionally and lives sacrificially. 

Don’t throw fancy obscure terms at people and expect them to care. No, what you want is for them to be saying, ‘Hey, you know that incredible person, apparently they’re adrogyne!’ ‘No shit, that’s amazing… what is that?’ type conversations.

The essence of sexual or gender equality is I treat you as EQUAL, so just as in the same way I don’t give a damn if you’re a guy or girl enjoying this blog or denial, I don’t care if you’re a non-binary option either. Don’t give me shit about your niche gender being oppressed. Welcome to equal opportunities not giving a flying fuck.

If you’re reading this and personally struggling with your sexual or gender identity please don’t think this means I’m not sympathetic. I am, and I have friends who I’ve helped through this journey. However, please avoid the trap of defining yourself by it. You’re so much more than that. Gender is an incredibly complex thing but just to underline my point again, however important it is to you, the simple fact is other people don’t give a shit, and that’s good. Welcome to life.

So can you please stop badgering me about it now. I. don’t. care. And that’s a good thing.

You’re welcome.

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