All credits to  her   for this wonderful answer.

Things like:

  • Commands/Demands (using the “dom” tone): “Come here.” “Suck me.” “Get on your knees.” “You’re going to cum for me now.” “Beg for my cock.” “I want you wet for me.” “Touch yourself.” (Saying “now“ at the end of any of these commands drives me wild).

  • Being possessive: “Mmm this tight/hot little body/ass/pussy belongs to me. Do you understand?” “You’remine to play with and do whatever I want to.” Or just a simple “You’re mine” or “Mine” growled in my ear.

  • Orgasm denial: Him: “Do you want to cum?” Me: “Yes!” Him: “Beg for it.” I beg. Him: “Louder”. I beg louder. Him: “Not good enough. Try again.” This continues for as long as he wants to tease me, then when he lets me cum: “Good girl, you can cum now.”

  • Degradation (this may turn off or get you in trouble with many women, so this needs explicit and discussed permission first): Calling me a variant of: “You’re my dirty/naughty little slut/whore/cunt/bitch.” Telling me I’m “only good for fucking/to be used”. Making me degrade myself, for example: Him: “You’re my dirty cock-sucking little whore. Repeat it/Say it.”

  • Praise/Compliments: “You’re such a good cocksucking little slut.” “I love your tight/hot/sexy little body/ass/pussy.” “You make me so hard.” “I want to cum in that tight/hot/wet little ass/mouth/pussy of yours.”

  • Commenting on how desperate/horny I am: “I love how desperate you are for my cock” or “I love how desperate you want to get yourself off.”

  • When he’s about to cum, I love to hear him tell me how he wants to cum: “I am going to cum in that tight/hot/wet little ass/mouth/pussy of yours (or “over your face/breasts/stomach/ass”) ” “I want you to swallow my cum.” “Open your mouth, I want you to drink all my cum.”

Also, should mention, these are not things that you should probably be doing without an initial discussion with your partner first (i.e., especially with things like orgasm denial and degradation) as many women are not into that at all.

Yes. Every one of these.

Devotional Training.

Yeah, this list works for me 🙂

Solid list.

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