Beginning of my Journey

So I decided to join to the JuNo2018 challenge this year. I tried last year and my life became hectic and I didn’t stick with it. This year I am a new me and have a goal of making it at least 15 days without an orgasm. I have only slightly explored denial but have always found myself drawn to it. I’ve always found myself being extremely turned on to videos of denial in general. I also find myself asking permission to cum during sex anyways but have never had anyone tell me no.

Since I have decided to start this journey I have shared my interest in denial with my current sexual partner and, to my surprise, he already knew a little bit about it and is down for it. So the next time we hook up I expect him to tell me no if I ask to cum. Hopefully he will stick to this but I plan to remind him prior to make sure.

If anyone has any beginner tips or any stories I would greatly appreciate any shares!

Heres to JuNo2018 ?

Hi Ivy,
Great to have you back, your target sounds perfect.
Well done getting your partner involved, that’s a wonderful step.
I’ll be sharing bits and pieces for couples exploring this as the month goes on so hopefully it’ll inspire him too!

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